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Santorini History: Information about the history of Santorini Greece

Santorini History: That most of the Cyclades Islands, Santorini has a rich history Santorini Greece has a great number of archaeological sites which have proved that the first human presence on the island dates back to the Neolithic Period. Santorini has had the same historical and cultural evolution as the other islands of the Cyclades.

An important civilization to 3600 BC seems to have existed near Akrotiri, at the south of the island, next to the famous Red beach. It was proved that Akrotiri was a Minoan city, highly similar to those found in Crete. The houses were plenty of frescoes and pottery showing naturalistic landscapes or animals or humans.
During ancient times, around 1500 BC, Santorini Island, then called Strongili, which means rounded in Greek, was the victim of an enormous volcano eruption. The remains of this eruption are the today Thera, Therasia and Aspronisi.

Some scientific believe that the explosions created huge waves that washed away part of the surrounding islands until the shores of Crete. The consequences of that explosion were the sinking of a part of the island, while the earthquakes destroyed the rest of it. Many people suppose that the sinking of the island is related to the well-known myth of the lost Atlantis.

Around 1300 BC, Phoenicians settled on the island and remained there during five generations. Around 1115 BC, the island got colonised by the Lacedaemonians. Around 825 BC, the Phoenician alphabet was imported on the island, then named Thera, about in the same time as in Milos and Crete, and the Hellenic language was created. In the 7th and 6th centuries BC, Thera conducted trades with most of the other islands of Greece, with Corinth and also Attica. In 300-145 BC, during the Hellenistic Period, Thera became a strategically important naval base due to its position in the Cyclades.

From 197 BC to 726 AC, the volcano exploded four times. Between 1200 AC and 1579 AC, the islands came under Byzantine occupation, right before the Venetian rule. From 1579 to1821 AC Santorini was occupied by the Turkish until the 1821 Greek Revolution and Independence.

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